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    • Buenos Aires Map
    • You could confidently compare Buenos Aires to any city in the world and not find it wanting in any department. They say New York is a city where you can do anything, at any time of the day. This is probably the case with Buenos Aires, but the difference is that when Buenos Aires erupts, there is no other city like it. Buenos Aires is the tenth largest city in the world, with three times more shrinks per capita than any other, arguably the best-looking people, almost as many plastic surgeons as found in Los Angeles, a population of porteños (‘people from the port’) who dance before going to work in the morning, and a culture of brick-throwing when football referees ‘misbehave’.

      It might be fair to say that porteños are ever so slightly ‘loco!’ But that’s exactly why you’ll love them. Bars, nightclubs, strip clubs – yes, for girls too – after-hours clubs, and endless shopping are only part of this city’s armoury. A hotel industry beginning to find an identity, which seems to have embraced ‘urban minimalism’, and a restaurant trade adapting to a demand for alternatives to its incredible beef, mean the dynamism in BA has made it the continent’s must-visit city.

      Argentina is also the eighth largest country in the world, which means the majority of visitors to Buenos Aires don’t spend their entire trip here, but head out to explore this relatively untapped wilderness. Argentina boasts the world’s southernmost city, huge waterfalls, the continent’s only advancing glaciers, ski slopes, beaches, golf courses, polo clubs and the widest river estuary on the planet. In this guide we have covered almost all of the activities on offer throughout the country, as well as discovering some of the best hotels and, of course, the Uruguayan beach resort of Punta del Este, which brims with Argentine party animals and beach beauties from the end of December to February. Get some sleep before you arrive in BA, remember to leave room in your luggage for shopping and prepare to be exposed to a world of limitless hedonism in a country where it costs little to play hard.