• Hg2 | Art

      • Laura K. Jones
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      • Eighty insiders' takes on the world of contemporary art: the drinking, the drugging, the gambling, the tears, the madness, the glamour, the solitude, the serendipitous encounters, the extremism, and the total commitment that drives invention.
        Hg2 Art shines a light on the little-known and wilder shores of contemporary art, affording us a peek into the 'Art World'. Here you'll not only learn how to build up a collection of works and spend your money wisely, but how to amass a collection of experiences that would make the most robust of extroverts blush. Under the expert stewardship of 60 people in the know - artists, curators, gallerists, auctioneers, art school tutors, collectors, critics and professional hangers-on - this journey will take you from the art fair to the gallery to the auction house to the studio visit, then right on up to the rooftop swimming pools of the most debauched after-show parties that have ever been.
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  • A Hedonist's Guide to... Art

  • A Hedonist's Guide to... Art
    Contributors include;
    Gilbert & George, Sarah Lucas, Will Self, Keith Tyson, Sue Webster, Martin Creed, Polly Morgan, Mat Collishaw, Anthony Haden-Guest, Lynn Barber, Rankin, and other internationally renowned artists, writers, gallery owners, collectors and hangers on
    Essays include;
    How to get ahead at art fairs
    Oops, I forgot to insure my art collection
    The darker side of performance art
    Londongrad - get yourself a piece of the Russian art pie
    Throwing the legendary art world party
    How to make the most of the tab at the art restaurants
    Status anxiety in the art world
    Buy the art you hate
    Life as an artist's muse
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  • Art

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